Seniors Life Insurance Is Changing

Have you ever thought that there was a Life Insurance Policy available for you because you are a Senior Citizen? There are some top life insurance companies who are trying to incorporate new medical and health knowledge into their underwriting practices. Life Insurance companies are currently trying to achieve better premiums for senior citizens. Some senior citizen’s may qualify for these policies. Life Insurance companies are currently looking at the applicant’s health status for those who are at least 65 or 70 years old. These companies are factoring in stats such as height and weight, cholesterol levels, blood pressure as well as family medical history.

Life Insurance For Seniors

Some Life Insurance companies argue that they cannot be as important for seniors as they are for younger people. Some of the top ranked life insurance companies are now taking to side of the seniors stating that they have lived this long already, so for them in particular those things must not be as much of a potential risk factor as they are for the average person. Smoking and chronic medical conditions are still taken as seriously as ever.

Low Cost Term Life Insurance Premiums

Life Insurance premiums are sometimes being lowered by some Life Insurance companies. The Senior Citizen Life Insurance policies will have restrictions placed upon how much death benefit you can buy and how long you can buy a policy for. The applicant may find it very difficult to find a cash-building life insurance policy. Senior Citizen applicants will probably find it easier to take a term policy. There will also be an unavoidable delay in actual coverage, even though you must start paying the high premiums right away. This is to protect the insurance company against “adverse selection”. This delay in coverage clause acts in a similar way to the “suicide clause” of younger peoples’ life insurance. Typically this clause states that if the insured senior dies within 24 or 36 months of the policy going into force, their beneficiaries receive no death benefit–only a return of the premiums paid and perhaps some interest on them.

Senior Citizen’s Life Insurance Coverage

If you are looking into purchasing a Senior Citizen’s Life Insurance policy you need to know what to expect. Prepare yourself ahead of time that you will probably have to pay a high premium for a limited amount of death benefit. It is very important to be informed and make sure you ask your licensed insurance broker in the state where you reside any and all questions regarding the stability of the plan holder. Our Cheaper Term Life Insurance Company can assist you in obtaining the affordable Term Life Insurance coverage.


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