Life Insurance Companies offer Hope to Underwrite – Policies for Applicants with Pre-Existing Conditions


Some Life Insurance companies specialize in insuring applicants with pre- existing health problems. Depending on the type of health problem and the degree of the condition, there are basically three ways or levels that may assist one in purchasing these types of policies.

Life Insurance Quotes with Pre-Existing Conditions

In the first level, applicants must be aware that the Life Insurance Company will be scrutinizing your medical profile. There are Life Insurance companies whose expertise who may be in dealing specifically with the hard to insure element and may find an insurance company who will accept you while at the same time find you the best price possible. For some applicants, it may surprise and amaze you that good deals may indeed be available. Applicants may feel that these life insurance policies are somewhat costly and expensive, but still may be worth purchasing.

Investigate all avenues before determining if the Life Insure policy proposed is a viable avenue for you and your needs. Take into consideration that evaluating options costs nothing and may well worth your while.

The applicant may qualify for the specialty life insurance company’s regular plan with an extra charge added on to your plan. One policy that may be written by some Life Insurance companies is called a “flat extra policy”. The flat extra policy consists of calculations where a percentage of the policy i.e. per thousand dollars of life insurance will affect the premium. The flat extra Life Insurance policy may or may not be dropped after a few years, depending on the situation.

Term Life Insurance Company

Another Life Insurance policy of this type is referred to as a “table rating Life Insurance policy”, which is based on what a life insurance company evaluates the applicant’s mortality factor. The Life Insurance Company will look deep into factors such as whether the applicant has a likelihood of passing away anytime soon.

It may be a little more difficult to find a Life Insurance Company to accept this type of applicant because of the risk. The Life Insurance Company may want to evaluate what the chances are of the applicant’s demise factors. It is certain that the Life Insurance Company will not want to make a bad investment. If the applicant were to pass away too soon the consequences to this is that the Life Insurance Company would lose money due to a bad investment.

Cheaper Term Life Insurance Quotes

If you look you may find an insurance company that will accept you. The decision to research Life Insurance policies and consult with a Life Insurance broker or agent who is licensed in the state to which you reside is a wise decision and well worth your time. Start today and get cheaper term life insurance coverage which will protect your loved ones.


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