Is It Harder To Get Life Insurance When You Have Pre-Existing Health Conditions?

It certainly is harder to get Life Insurance when you have a pre-existing health issue. Some Life Insurance companies specialize in insuring people with health problems. Depending on the type of health problem and the degree of the condition, there are basically three ways or levels that an applicant can ensure better chances of assuring that you may be eligible for a Life Insurance Policy.

Cheaper Term Life Insurance Company

Find a Life Insurance company, whose expert is evaluating your medical profile to and provide yourself the best opportunity with a Life Insurance company who may be able to accept you. Keep in mind that not only do you need the expertise but you also need to find you the best price possible.

For some people it will be an amazing good deal, for others it could be expensive, but still may be worth analyzing. Learn all about your options. Our Cheaper Term Life Insurance Company will assist you in obtaining affordable Term Life Insurance coverage. Many insurance policies you try to buy with pre-existing conditions are often limited to small face amounts.

Pre-Existing Health Conditions and Life Insurance

There may be some specialty life insurance company’s who opt to write a regular plan with an extra charge for your pre-existing condition and add a fee on to your plan. IA Life Insurance plan for people with pre-existing conditions may be referred to as a “flat extra”. The flat extra Life Insurance plan may or may not be dropped after a few years, depending on the situation.

Whole Life Insurance Companies

Another avenue of policies that may be available to an applicant and may want to consider is a “table rating” policy. A “table rating” policy is based on what a life insurance company feels would be a person’s mortality factor. The mortality factor is what Life Insurance companies consider and analyze what the applicants possibilities are of passing away anytime soon versus a person in perfect health with no health problems. If your spouse has pre-existing health conditions there is no need to have to suffer through it without insurance.

Protect Your Family with Term Life Insurance

Keep in mind that neither you nor the Life Insurance Company ever knows when the applicant will pass and the Life Insurance Company wants to insure that they are not choosing applicants who are bad investments to their companies as well. If you do the legwork you may find a Life Insurance Company that will accept you and meet your specific needs. We have Whole Life and Term Life Insurance professionals ready to get you the policy that you require to protect your loved ones.


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